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12-07-2021, 01:21 AM
You may be seeing a little more of me around here in the future.

As of last week I have sold my businesses, so hope to have a little more time for photography. Having worked consistently for 36 years, it will take some adjustment to wind down (although in the short term I will still be spending some time to assist the new owners and existing staff with the transition)

The last few years have been challenging with Covid and some family health issues, so for the time being I intend to take a few months with no specific plans, and decide what to do after that.

I am reluctant to call this a "retirement" at this stage . Still in my 50s I need to have other interests to keep me busy, and I am looking forward to spending more time with photography.

Specifically, I hope to spend more time with sport photography, as I have already had a number requests for photo sales from the few events I have shot to date. Knowing that every man and his dog is out shooting sports events, and that social media is flooded with those photos, I am thinking of doing something a little different (and retro). I have just purchased a good quality (and fairly large) printer to offer some prints for sale. I have a few ideas around that, working in conjunction with clubs, and also utilising my professional business skill set.

Having said that. I do not intend to make it a significant business or try to make a career out of it, just to keep me busy and cover some costs perhaps. I am very conscious of keeping my hobby as a source of relaxation and enjoyment as opposed to a commitment and a chore.

So you may be seeing a few more shots from me here as I start to find more time for myself and my hobby.

12-07-2021, 10:29 AM
It seems as if we have more in common than photography as I begin the retirement process today myself.

Cheers and best of luck to you.

12-07-2021, 04:34 PM
Well there is a coincidence.

Thanks mate. All the best to you too

12-12-2021, 02:06 PM
Congrats RM and BF!! I'm not too far behind you guys - Covid has changed so many peoples' plans!!!