View Full Version : Hello all from Vancouver.

05-05-2009, 02:11 AM
I ran into this web site about a month ago and have been catching up on the pod casts since then. I really have enjoyed the topics and discussions and think it is well done. Ergo I have decided to stop lurking and join the forum.

I am a fairly recent convert to the dark side…well I have decided that digital is not all that dark, but shot ULF B&W for several years and previously 4x5 and 35mm. I do like digital mind you. I have built myself a web site as well and would love for people to drop in and check out my images.

I look forward to spending much time in here.



05-05-2009, 02:17 AM
Welcome Matthew !

Happy to have one more member from Vancouver :cool:

Hope you'll like here (for sure you'll like this community).

Have fun ! :highfive:


Mad Aussie
05-05-2009, 02:45 AM
Hi Matthew http://www.mtbdirt.com.au/home/smf/Smileys/classic/wavey.gif

05-05-2009, 07:25 AM
Welcome to the forum!!!!!

05-05-2009, 09:49 AM
Hey matthew and welcome to the forum!!!!