View Full Version : I am on a disability pension & would appreciate some help/info so I can make an incom

09-16-2007, 02:52 PM

I thought I would ask you this question in the hopes you can either give me some information or guide me to where I may be able to get some more .

I am on a disability pension and at the moment I can only make an income sitting down.

What I would like to find out is much more direct but at the same time consise and straightforward information about "stock photography".
I would mainly be looking for what kinds of photos are the most popular as well as what kind of equipment is the most popular to use to get it best results.
At present I have a "Canon S5 IS" camera and although it it is very good I was looking the possibility of buying a "DSLR" in the future. I was looking at the "Nikon D80" or the "Pentax K10D" . I also have to consider the fact that my budget is limited, I have two "Pentax lenses" but have been told that it is the sensor in a digital camera as well as the lense you use that matters. I am sure that you have a lot more knowledge about this than I might ever have.

I would appreciate any help you can offer thanks Craig

09-17-2007, 09:24 AM
Well, as to the kinds of photos, think in terms of use. There are a lot of small businesses for example, who do not want to spend what they consider a fortune to print out a notice, small advertisement in a church bulletin, poster etc. At the same time however, they realize that graphics have been made somewhat obsolete by photos.

So, for example if you want to create a notice about an auction, then you would be looking for photos without backgrounds of the kinds of items that might be in the auction, to create a little collage.

If you run a RV, camping, or cottage resort and need to put out notices all the time, then you may be looking for photos of travel trailers, motorhomes, tents, littering, vandalism, rowdy noisy behaviour, drinking, swimming, campfires, dancing, socializing etc.

Some of the most popular stock photos of people tend to be the ones that have the broadest range of uses. Again with no backgrounds, expressive faces that suggest confusion, surprise, shock, happiness, enthusiasm, etc. can be used with almost any "advertising" "public relations" type of caption in a presentation, on a notice, mailing, poster etc.

I hope these examples give you some ideas.