View Full Version : Frank Lake Bird Sanctuary

05-27-2009, 10:37 PM
Any of you Calgary area enthusiasts ever been to the Frank Lake bird sanctuary near High River? If so, have you ever walked as far as the viewing blind? I've been twice and never made it that far- it's gotta be the most boring 3-4 km or so (by my rough estimation) walk ever. Especially for someone as lazy as me, and lugging a tripod and camera with long lens. I gotta know it's worth it to walk that far and back. I always end up veering off the path about halfway and settling for crappy shots because I can't get close enough to any of the birds.

I'm not even much of a birdie shooter, but it's so close to where I live that I keep thinking it's a shame not to go. Now if I had a bicycle....

For those of you birdie-hikey-folksies who never heard of it: