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06-24-2009, 02:22 PM
Renowned SC blacksmith dies at 97

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Famed blacksmith Philip Simmons, whose wrought iron gates and other works grace gardens and entryways along the South Carolina coast and beyond U.S. borders, died at age 97, friends and funeral officials said Tuesday.

Born in 1912, Simmons began work as a blacksmith by putting shoes on horses as a young man in Charleston and moved into decorative ironwork by the mid- to late 1930s. His acclaimed pieces include one that hangs in the Smithsonian Institution.

Simmons, who created more than 500 pieces during more than half a century at the forge, died in his sleep at a retirement home Monday night, Harleston-Boags Funeral Home director Gippon Boags said.

A memorial service will be held later this week, followed by a funeral Saturday at St. John's Reformed Episcopal Church in Charleston, where Simmons was an usher, said pastor Ron Satterfield.


Philip will be missed by many of the state's residents and all that had the joy of meeting and talking with him. One of the best times I've had in the city of Charleston was a quest to find and photograph as many of his works as I could in a day. The one below is from St. John's Reformed Episcopal Church in Charleston where the memorial and burial will take place.

RIP, Philip :cry-an:


Mad Aussie
06-24-2009, 02:34 PM
Nice photo, made so much better with the sentiment behind it BF.