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08-12-2009, 04:23 PM
I was in Collingwood Ont. this past weekend for three days to shoot Wakestock a wakeboarding competition and two days of Bands. I am now certain that I have not yet been to a festival where it has not rained since June 2008 and that my first one that summer and now it has rained at everyone of them now and it has been 12 festivals. I am OK with it, I am so used to it now I go all prepared and expect the worse and it has shown to be a good idea. The third day was light rain and a humidex of 44 degrees Celsius which made it feel like a sauna and would rain just enough to keep it humid. Had my wife, daughter and her bf with us so it was a lot of anyway.

I am down loading the photos now and once I go through them I will post a couple. Unfortunately my wakeboarding photos go to the Magazine and they we will go over the ones they want to use then I get them back.

There are two more festivals this summer not sure if I can do them or now yet, but I bet if I don't it won't rain lol.