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Mike Kenner
09-29-2009, 10:51 AM
Hi, on the hunt right now for advice on what the best equipemtn (D-SLR) is - want to get some user insight from forums so her i am!

09-29-2009, 11:07 AM
welcome to the forum!

09-29-2009, 11:32 AM
Hey Mike. Welcome to the forum. Two questions come immediately to my mind, they are :

-What do you want to take pictures of ? (portraits, landscape, street photography, ...)
-What is your budget? ( you can get DSLR equipment from less than $1000 to way more than several thousand of $$$$$)

There is a great choice of good D-SLR cameras and equipment on the market. If you know of a reputable photo store in your area, no doubt you will get good advice there.
In my case, I try to do a bit of everything in photography. I'm very happy with my equipment. Nikon D90 with a few lenses. Great camera, 3" preview monitor, loads of functions, it even does HD movies.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck !