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01-21-2008, 12:42 PM
again. How could I have made this better? It is possible to get better pics with my camera, I know it is. I would LOVE a DSLR but can't right now so I am trying to learn as much as I can with my current camera. Which I do love.


01-21-2008, 09:41 PM
The lighting and exposure were handled very well. It seems to be very slightly leaning toward the left but with all the angles in the structure it is pretty hard to tell with absolute certainty. There is a tendency among all photographers to make this type of shot too symetrical and balanced where the better approach is to shoot from the far right or left side to create more diagonals and visual tension. The far end would be better more to the right or more to the left in the shot. In composition a photo frame is divided into thirds and the important parts of the picture should be in those areas and not near the centre.

If you have a person in a shot it is much more effective if you see the face or even a profile. In this case the person does not look right in the shot and the pants are a distraction. I am not against a person being in this type of shot but more thought is necessary for location and pose that is natural and fits the location.


01-22-2008, 02:24 AM
Sometimes it's hard to put into words... for me it's a good shot, but the shapes in this shot are so strong that the person is distracting in the position he is in.

It's a question of flow and focal point. He is stopping my eye from investigating all the amazing shapes in the shot, and he's not doing anything. If he were way further down the road (perhaps moving toward us, or away..) I think this shot would flow better.

Hope that made sense,


01-25-2008, 11:40 AM
here is one without my husband in it. The only thing is that it is not totally in focus. No editing has been done yet cause I don't have the time this morning.