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11-22-2009, 09:21 AM
How off topic is this one?

I'm thinking of running for Senator Patrick Leahy's seat in the US Senate in 2010. Conventional wisdom would dictate that I haven't a shot in hell to de-seat the third most powerful man in the US Senate.

Something happens to politicians when they've gained so much power. They lose touch with the people who actually make the country work and so they become jaded into thinking that they are a cut above when in fact the reality was always supposed to that they would serve the electorate. Enacting complicated legislation without reading it, voting for congressional pay raises during a worsening recession are just a few examples of why I am dissatisfied with the current power structure.

During my canvassing of out of state photographers recently I learned that one Connecticut man and his wife received a personal phone call from one of our senators to thank him for his donation and when I email or call his office I may get a form letter three months later thanking me for being involved in the process and an apology for the lateness of the letter and never addressing my initial concern.

It's time for a better breed of politician that is willing to get in the hole and start digging out.

I've cancelled my (not my families) health insurance and I want to be the last person in the US who signs up for it if or when we get it back. I want to to work not tirelessly to shape the future for our children but I want work as much as humanly possible without hurting my own efforts. I feel the best way to lead is by example, not from a pedestal.

When I have to look to the past or other countries to find inspiration I realize that we here in the US are even more bankrupt than had even imagined.

Oh and I'm still having that photo contest too!

11-22-2009, 09:35 AM
Wow...busy guy!
I agree with you about politicians getting too comfy and megalomaniacal. :)