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11-24-2009, 05:54 PM
I am Sooooooo excited about Help Portrait movement !!!!! Basically the mantra is below

Find Someone in Need
Take Their Portrait
Print Their Portrait
And Deliver Them

I started a group in my area and was able to get 10 volunteers easily. The really challenging
part is to get an organization that wants your help. So today I hit pay dirt !!!! A great organization
who does mentorships..helps single unwed mothers and low income families. Some of these families do
no even have a car. Sometimes we take a lot for granted.
Well I am working out the coordination on taking the portraits now and thinking how I can wrap up
The post processing and printing with the group.
It really feels good to give back :)

Below is the Vancover Ca link

Help-Portrait Vancouver - Help-Portrait (http://community.help-portrait.com/events/helpportrait-vancouver)