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03-20-2008, 12:14 AM
Just thought some might be interested in this, seems over priced but cool.


Press Release:

New Rolleiflexä MiniDigi

MiniDigi AF5.0 Is a Three-Inch High, Fully Functional Digital Replica of the Original and Classic Twin Reflex Camera

CONCORD, CA (March 18, 2008) - Direct Source Marketing, the U.S. distributor for medium and large format Horseman and Rolleiflex professional cameras, today announced the MiniDigi AF 5.0, a three-inch high, fully functional digital replica of the original and classic twin reflex camera. Not only is it small, it takes "cool" to another level with its red or black casing.

In 2006, Rolleiflex introduced the original MiniDigi, which looked like the original but, due to popular demand it quickly sold out. The new MiniDigi AF (auto focus) 5.0 has been given some significant performance upgrades, including a 5MP image file from a 3MP CMOS sensor; auto focus (between 10CM and infinity); and a clear 1.1 inch TFT, which allows you to preview and review images on a very clear 1.1 inch monitor, which is located at the top of the camera as it is on the full-sized Rolleiflex TLR.

It is available through specialty retailers. Pricing is expected to be $399 MSRP.

The classic Rollei twin reflex camera has been a favorite of professional photographers since it was introduced in 1929 to this day. The original camera's two lenses, one above the other; a hand crank lever; shutter release; hooded viewfinder; the coal-black casing, and the Rolleiflex logo have always set it apart. The new Rolleiflex MiniDigi has the look and feel of the original, but easily fits in the palm of your hand or pocket. Most importantly, it's a camera with features that are not only nostalgic, but also unique in the digital world.

Take the hand crank. Like its parent, the hand crank is an integral part of the camera, but instead of advancing film (which it obviously doesn't have), the Rollei MiniDigi's crank prepares the camera for the next shot. Another unique feature is the classic pop-up hood and viewfinder. The hood means no stray light gets in the way.

Still another nostalgic design feature that has modern applications is the square format. The square format means no shutter opportunities or valuable seconds are lost having to choose between horizontal or vertical position. You simply look downward into the viewfinder at waist level, aim, and then shoot from the waist.

Besides the features unique to Rolleiflex, the MiniDigi incorporates digital camera technology -- Mini SD memory cards w/SD card adapter, white balance, fast shutter speeds, 3MP sensor, LCD monitor, etc.

Though it's not intended to be a full-featured digital camera, it takes good pictures and is an attention-getter and conversation piece.

For more information go to www.dsmww.com

03-20-2008, 10:24 AM
It's a cool looking camera for sure - but WHY would anyone buy one?

It's probably too confusing/weird for the newbie and NOT up to technical expectations of amateurs or pros.

Though it's not intended to be a full-featured digital camera, it takes good pictures and is an attention-getter and conversation piece.

I think that phrase sums it up best and to me it seems like an absolute waste of money, unless the goal is to purchase a conversation piece. JMO.

03-20-2008, 11:00 AM
I agree, I would not even think of buying one, but still looks cool lol.