View Full Version : Winter's Bullrushes

03-04-2010, 07:19 PM

Wicked Dark
03-04-2010, 07:30 PM
Funny...you call them bullrushes, we call them cattails. They are irresistible aren't they? I like your subdued tones and composition.

03-04-2010, 07:46 PM
I call them cat tails too, must be an east-west thing!

Really nice image Casil. Love it!! :clap:

03-04-2010, 09:25 PM
We call 'em cat tails too sometimes. :) Out on the west coast I always knew them as bullrushes.
and thanks for the kind words... :)

03-04-2010, 10:49 PM
I'm forever trying to get these things right and you've done a great job here :highfive:

Mad Aussie
03-05-2010, 01:45 AM
We call them Bullrushes here ... or just Reeds.

Usually I'm not drawn to photos of them as I find them quite boring and bland.

But this photo works ... the sky is the key here for me. Composition is nice too. Nice shot.

03-05-2010, 02:44 AM
I call them "rietsigaren" which roughly translates as reed sigars. ;) One of the few things I wouldn't smoke though...

I like the angle and the sky. Nice shot. :)

03-05-2010, 10:36 AM
I call them nose pickers. Nice shot!

03-18-2010, 08:37 AM
Used the polarizing filter I bought for the wide angle on this one...I think I did it right...had the sun at my side in afternoon when I took it.
Any tips or help if I did anything wrong with the filter here would be most appreciated...thanks. :)

Mad Aussie
03-18-2010, 03:17 PM
Even better than the 1st shot in my opinion. Again the sky is the key for me, it makes the bushrushes stand out and adds interest.