View Full Version : Caught red handed

03-06-2010, 02:16 PM
OK just slightly red, Casil the bird feeder

03-06-2010, 02:19 PM
That is awesome!!! :clap: :thumbup:

Mad Aussie
03-06-2010, 06:55 PM
Very nice shot!

03-06-2010, 08:59 PM
I like this for the detail of the bird and the story!

03-06-2010, 09:05 PM
These little guys were so funny today...Greg and were walking through the park and we kept seeing these little flits of shadows all around us and realized the little buggers were following us!
Plus...they kept buzzing past us when we stopped to try to make it known they were hungry and looking for a handout!:thumbup:

Made me laugh out loud a few times...fearless, clever little assertive souls! :)