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03-23-2010, 02:34 AM
I've been there once, several years ago. It's a ghost town, sort of. Most of the buildings are privately owned, and are being restored. It's open mostly during the summer. There's a hotel, a couple of shops, a Catholic church and at least one outfitter in the area.

The road going there is mostly dirt once you get off the highway, and one portion is a switchback road. The various sites recommend a 4WD vehicle when there are rains. I was up there when it was dry, driving a Suburu Outback, and didn't have any problems.

During the winter, it's officially closed. There's a caretaker that winters over. I'm told by someone who does a lot of snowshoeing that it isn't completely cut off - they take supplies up by snowmobile. But it is at 6,200 feet above sea level, and once the snows start, it's deep and sticks around until at least late May. Unless you can find someone who can take you there before then, it's probably best to just wait.

It's pretty country, and it's rugged. I remember seeing horseback riders and dirt bikers off various parts of the road. The city itself is interesting, and has a small cemetery. I think there are campsites in the area. Bring your own food and water, just in case you go up when things aren't open. Also bring sunscreen. You'll need it.

Historic Silver City Idaho (http://www.historicsilvercityidaho.com/)
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03-23-2010, 08:03 AM
Sounds like a really neat place Q1! :highfive: