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04-18-2010, 03:07 AM
at my age, sometimes i pause, to remember when i was young, the loves, romance and relationships that i've had. i can remember about 12 or so, and gives me a smile when it all comes back.
the first was the best. a learning experience. the second, third and all the rest were better because of experience. i remeber my first touch, caress and held her. i pressed her against my head and till now i can still smell the sweet scent.
almost all had genuine leather casings and trims.
i can still remeber their names in their order.
the first was Baby Brownie, a Kodak camera, then an Argoflex, a twin lens 120 camera that had gears on both the edges of the taking and viewing lens so that when you turn one the other rotates also,it came with a GE exposure meter. after that my first slr, a minolta sr3 with a snap on meter. next was a pentax spotmatic with three lenses, a canon rangefinder with the 0.95 lens, my first experience with the view camera was with the linhof super technika with 4 lenses and corresponding cams for rangefinder focusing. it also had a zooming viewfinder that you can attach at the top.i loved this folding 4x5 for i could bring it with me on locations. then a rolleiflex and a praktica 120 slr made in east germany that was given to me as a gift by our american producer. after that came a leica m3, a nikon f and later on f5 and a f90 with data back. after that a minolta twin lens and later a minolta rb6x7 which until now resides with me:) such loyalty. the last 2 were a hasselblad and a sinar P.
talking about manual options, these past beauties were easier to adjust because of their click stops. after a while it became second nature to click the aperture or shutter knob whenever you wanted to over or underexpose.
Sigh... those were the days.

04-19-2010, 01:28 PM
No reason not to shoot those any of those cameras now. I am have film and cameras ready to go just need to get my office done so I can start doing film again. Still trying to decide on what film/negative scanner I will be going with all depends on what money I make between now and when I make the purchase. No reason to long, I think film is a niche market now and to shoot film now is one of the best times to go back to it since you can get good cameras much cheaper then in their heyday. I missed film a lot so I thought no reason not so shoot film.