View Full Version : Foraging gosling

05-08-2010, 10:00 PM
I noticed a man with a camera by the lakes edge, as I passed by I saw he was using the video feature. Next I saw what he was focused on, Two adult Canada geese with about six young were coming ashore. By now there are five more ladies with point and shoots and myself. I felt like a member of the goose paparazzi :laughing:

http://www.redzonefilms.com/pics3/d90 gosling 01.jpg

Mad Aussie
05-08-2010, 11:00 PM
Very nice shot M!

05-08-2010, 11:01 PM
Thanks MA :)

05-09-2010, 12:28 AM
geese papparazzi!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

great shot MAW! He/She's a cutie

05-09-2010, 06:37 AM
Nice shot Michael, and like the title/story.

05-09-2010, 07:08 AM
Hehehe. I like the shot and the story. There are days when I feel like the world is just lousy with photographers. Everywhere I go I see crazy people like myself dragging around a camera. It's nuts! :eek: