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Just F'n Around with this one

This is a discussion on Just F'n Around with this one within the Critiques forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; Well thanks for the comments....

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    Default Just F'n Around with this one

    Well thanks for the comments.
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    I think if you were going for the 'taken 50 years ago' feel it looks fine to me.

    If you weren't then I think it appears to lack some sharpness, and it is too dark in areas (although you explained you have another copy not so dark) and is really just a shot of a city skyline. No wow factor here for me personally.

    I think seeing more water, and/or a sky with some character would help this tremendously as a few buildings from a distance don't really catch the eye.

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    I somewhat disagree with MA on this one. I quite like the image's composition and tones.
    I will say that it is quite soft and that part is not working for me. It also looks like it's sloping ever so slightly to the right. Hope that helps - Marko
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