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Lens not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by kat View Post
    In general though, would it be a good lens outside the arena?
    I know people that shoot with it and say that it’s a fine piece of glass. Of course, it has it’s share of detractors as well, but they are mainly those that sprang for the more expensive glass and are ashamed that they could have gotten comparable performance under the conditions they are most likely to use it in for a lot less denaries.

    I visit Ken Rockwell’s site on occasion, but find him to be a bit of an opinionated a$$hole at times. Sort of a “shoot like I do, or you stink” type of fellow. Try reading this review on the lens, and by all means, bookmark Tom’s site. I think it might be the best Nikon site on the web.
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    Take reviews with a grain of salt though. Read them and take it in but realise that much of what is said is often a sibjective opinion by the unqualified or an over analysed document by the over qualified. That said though ... find the average thinking in them and you might be close.

    I don't how often I see people saying in reviews my 100-400mm lens is not sharp. Maybe it isn't compared to something, but what, I don't know. I'm happy with it. No one tells me my wildlife shots are soft.

    I think that lens will be fine for outside work. 300mm is a good focal length for general wildlife and shooting people without them realising it

    Your current lens is very much suited to landscapes as if you need us to tell you that.

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