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I wish i remembered the company that did this, i think Ken rockwell referenced them *trembles* but theres a company that re cuts and spools modern films into just about any format you can imagine. I know what your looking for is out there though and ill post back if i find it again.

And im hoping to pick up some on the cheap dark room gear myself My photography program, a full time expensive type of program does not even teach dark room processing anymore so its going to be a trial and error situation
When you do dark room just come here, some of were brought on film and dark rooms and if you have any questions you can ask us and we may be able to help. Even when you learn to work in a dark room it is still trial and error sometimes depending on what you are looking to achieve. And I did find a supplier for the film but if you find the article I would still be interested, even if it is from Ken Rockwell, but not one to put others down so I will shut up now