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Actual Critique this Time lol

This is a discussion on Actual Critique this Time lol within the Critiques forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; OK, why a 13" X 19" print, which does not seem to jive with the basic aspect ratio? Why not ...

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    OK, why a 13" X 19" print, which does not seem to jive with the basic aspect ratio? Why not even 16" X 9" or 32" X 18" or 12" X 8" or 24" X 16" which fits the aspect ratios that I and others can use without cropping?


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    I can print up to 13" in length or width and up to 44" the other way. After it was done the actual photo was 12X18 on a 13x19 paper leaving a 1/4 inch all around to allow for matting and still leave a 1/4 border showing and it was how I thought it would look best. What's wrong with my aspect ratio? Am I missing something here? That you and others can use without cropping? It was what worked if you and others decide your photos would be a different aspect/ratio well it would be your choice and depending on the photo, might be the correct one. I made the one I did for how I thought this photo would look best displayed. It is all about choice, I make the ones I do based on the photo and what I like and hopefully others find appealing when it is all said and done. The framer and I did some tests on how it would look with or without a border and we both thought it was best to leave the border in on this one with the frame we decided to go with, if not would have been easily enough trimmed off.
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    There does seem to be a new dynamic going on when it comes to printing because these days many advanced amateurs and pros are printing with prosumer or pro printers. Those printers do not necessarily match the conventional paper sizes (8x10, 11x14, 16x20 etc) that traditional photographers used in the darkroom before digital took over.

    That plus that it's so easy to make an image any size you want gives photographers the easy leeway to do whatever they want.

    If you are selling prints for a living though - it probably makes the most sense to print them so that they fit into standard sized frames.
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