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In order to promote photography worldwide...
You can have your photographs shown on this site for FREE for the next 12 months.


FREE - Just send up to 3 of your already scanned photos with/without some text (up to 75 words per photo) describing each one. You can also add up to 200 words describing yourself and/or your photography. Photographs and text will be placed on your own webpage and you will receive your own URL (Internet address) which will be something like http://www.photography.ca/otherartists/yourname.html. Maximum dimensions for each scanned photograph is 300x450 or 450x300 pixels.


  • SCANNING - If you need your photos scanned the fee is $30. Canadian dollars. This includes all the scanning and regular return postage of your original photographs.

  • E-MAIL LINK - if you wish to have an e-mail link from your webpage the fee is $25. Canadian dollars per year.

  • PRICING - If you wish to have prices listed next to your photographs the fee is $35. Canadian dollars per year.

Please note that photography.ca reserves the right to decline submissions for any reason. Tasteful nudes will be considered, but pornography or any images degrading men, women or children will be refused. Conditions listed on this page may changed without notice.


5% of all fees listed on this page go to the Tibetan Relief Fund.

Please send all submissions, and requests for information or special plans to info@photography.ca