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Water Nudes by Eric Boutillier Brown


Gold River, Nova Scotia - 1999

This photo used a four second exposure to blur the water. The wonderful gloss
on the black rocks is a perfect contrast to the soft flow of the water over Victoria's torso.



Gold River, Nova Scotia - 1999

The incredible power of a river in full flow is just hinted at
with this image. Miles had clambered out into the river's flow,
and set his back against the current, only to find it stronger that he'd anticipated.
I had set up the camera as he'd moved out, and made the image as soon as he
was in place. The the interesting part, getting Miles back safely began.
Needless to say, he survived, but in hindsight, we all agreed that
it might not be a good image to have to reshoot.



Gold River, Nova Scotia - 1999

This is one of my favorite water nudes, combining the hard, solid tones of the dark rock,
and the fluid, ethereal look of blurred water. Intermixed with this is Victoria's figure,
flowing out into the moving stream. It is everything I look for in a successful photograph.

Copyright Eric Boutilier-Brown 1999. All images are protected by international copyright laws.

I received my first camera, an Olympus OM-10, when I was seventeen, and began exploring photography using an ill-equipped darkroom in my high school. From there, I attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where I intended to study sculpture but was sidetracked by photography. In 1995, I became an Associate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

"It was not until 1988 that I made my first nude photographs, and those were hesitant, floundering more than anything else. Since then, I have been concentrating more and more of my creativity on the human figure, pursuing something that is for me ever elusive, but at the same time, ever present. In 1991, I began to use the view camera extensively, and this, combined with enough spare time to really work on my photography, pointed me in the direction I still follow today".