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Gabrielle de Montmollin


From the time I first found my own voice as an artist I have mostly used plastic toys and figures in staged settings to create "tableaux vivants" in which I seek my own meanings and invite the viewer to find his or her own.

...In our society these figures are loaded with meaning but in my work they are also personalities who exist as bodies and souls around which I weave narratives. Thus my photographs revolve around the interaction of the known (society), the unknown (the anima of the dolls), and the imagined....

Kate Regan has written about my work, "Although the sense of narrative in her photographs is strong, so is the mystery: one never knows just what the background story is. (...) She is interested in awakening imagination rather than commentary. There is an almost egoless transparency in these works; her subjects, viewed with such intimate and dispassionate attention, step into the light and act out their own mythologies."