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Jimmy Mac Donald - Serene photography

See the fish

It had just turned afternoon and I had stopped to make tea from this lakes water,after a long bumpy morning of travel on the land. The morning had been windy and cloudy when magically the wind just stopped. There was no sound! Only the ringing in my ears searching for sound. A fish swam by and then the wind blew on the lake.

Father nature

Way in the distance is Rankin Inlet. I was coming home after many rainy days on the land and I was cold and tired. I have passed this Inukushuk year after year and it never really registered in my head until this day. It just popped up. Right when the sun was trying to shine through the clouds and rain and the tiny little flowers perked up, then the birds sang and the little animals came out.

Calm day

A very hot day. The wind had disappeared and even the mosquitoes where hiding in the shade. It was a time when every thing was resting, though in this tiny pond it was exploding with life. I had a hard time trying to figure out why the surface water was not moving from all of the activity right below.

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A self taught, black and white photographer, dabbling in the field since 1969, the date experimentation with a discarded film development kit began. Catching bugs, changed to creating images in a mixed tonal color of black and white. Curious to explore, changing a basic thought into a real photographic image, with the playing of the light at the times of exposure and development. Then orchestrating a feeling, by using artificial light and a liquid solution to produce the sound in colors of gray's. I am fascinated when viewing a photograph that is created so well the viewer actually enters the image which becomes real and alive. I photograph to create an image for someone to ponder and I strive on creating an image on paper, that becomes alive.