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Polaroid manipulation by Patrick Saad

On a recent voyage to the invented Island of the Circo de Bakuza I have been blessed with the gift of immortalizing on film the ethereal messages of its inhabitants. These are the Humans being of the Circo de Bakuza.

Sun dancer





Ritual of Seduction

Copyright Patrick Saad 2000. All images are protected by international copyright laws.


Patrick's work mainly consists of photo- documentary essays taken during his travels. "The Ninos of Peru ", "Thailand: A Balance of Beliefs ", "Greece: Atlantis is Risen " and "Egypt the timeless ". His series entitled, "Angels, Spirits and other Entities of Light", "Human Nature", "Spirit Speak", and "Diptych Tales" using Polaroid SX-70 film are best described as photographic paintings. What makes this process, also known as SX-70 manipulation, unique is that the photographer not only captures reality on , but also alters that reality using strokes and etches like a painter's brush on canvas. The artist performs all alterations directly on the Polaroid SX-70 emulsion moments after the photograph has been taken. The images are then photographed using a 4x5 negative and enlarged on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The result is an original handcrafted photograph and should not be mistaken for a computer-generated image.

Patrick's work is represented in the Polaroid Canada Collection.