Renata Ratajczyk - Fine Art Photography

SX-70 still lifes & digital images

The photographs on this page are a series of SX-70 Poloroid manipulations. The photographs were manipulated by hand, when the emulsion was still soft. Additionally, some of them were slightly retouched in the computer.

Renata is a photographer and digital artist. She does fashion, fine art portraiture, as well as advertising, editorial and travel photography. She has developed a very painterly, imaginative, often surrealistic style frequently combining photography and painting. She often enhances her work with a variety of techniques including hand-colouring and digital imaging. Her work has been published in various magazines, on book covers, in calendars, on greeting cards, and has been used in advertising campaigns. Renata has her own stock image library, as well as is represented by several stock agencies. Her studio is located in Toronto, Canada, but she also enjoys working on location. Renata has received numerous awards and her fine art work is in the possesion of many art collectors.

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