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  1. My 12 Hour Day
  2. Under the Bridge
  3. The Beautiful People
  4. Scorsese plays Van Gogh
  5. American Moving to Cape Breton? Here's a preview of your new home!
  7. Firing catapult's on Óles de la madeleine/the magdalen islands (e25)
  8. Photographing Canada Day Fireworks from PEI!
  9. Canada's Best Kept Secret!
  10. This weeks episode: Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick!
  11. Chasing Lightning!
  12. Downtown Charlottetown at it's FINEST!
  13. East Coast Photography vLog: PEI Waterfalls & East Point Lighthouse!
  14. Brackley Beach on PEI! Checkout how muddy I get!
  15. Behind the scenes episode 17!
  16. Two more stunningly gorgeous PEI Lighthouses featured this week!
  17. Episode 15: ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Sunset at Point Prim Lighthouse on PEI!
  18. BEAUTIFUL Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick!
  19. From a single click to TONNES of Canadian newspapers. Episode 13 takes you on a journ
  20. St. Peters Lighthouse & Monticello Waterfall on Prince Edward Island!
  21. Understanding Movement In Composition Through The Work Of Akira Kurosawa
  22. CHL Hockey Night in Atlantic Canada!
  23. Behind the Scenes: Chasing Trains in Atlantic Canada
  24. Cape Breton Island! Behind the Scenes!
  25. Behind the Scenes: Dawson Creek Falls
  26. Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes
  27. Cool video of water and sound waves
  28. You Definitely Need to See This Full Screen
  29. Thunder Bay Marina Park
  30. Airplane Porn
  31. Fireworks From the Inside out
  32. All By Myself!
  33. At a rehearsal
  34. Import format WMV or AVI
  35. Cliplets / Cinemagraphs
  36. Portraits
  37. The Chase
  38. Amazing video of some birds!!!
  39. Morgan Freeman Photo Realistic iPad Finger Painting.
  40. Illuminight - Focus Montreal - Tv segment
  41. Big Time Marriage Proposal Video
  42. Sometimes it's just hard work
  43. cool light painting
  44. Peterborough, You'll love It
  45. New Time Lapse Video
  46. Local Filmmaker society
  47. More time on my hands
  48. Why
  49. Pilot Audio
  50. Timelapse
  51. Project for ACT
  52. What video programs are you using (do you recommend) - Video experiences
  53. Are you Ready
  54. How I see it.