LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

Time and Google have teamed up to make a huge archive of his­tor­i­cal pho­tos avail­able online. Great body of work, worth perus­ing when you need inspi­ra­tion of just want to look at great and time­less pho­tos.

Hat tip to Acadieli­bre from our forum for bring­ing this to my attention.

Migrant mother Flo­rence Thomp­son & chil­dren pho­tographed by Dorothea Lange — 1936

Picpockets by Jerry Ghionis

I met Jerry Ghio­nis at the 2008 Pho­to­Plus Expo/conference‚ in New york and he has what I think is a great teach­ing tool. They are sets of cards called Picpock­ets and they are the same size as play­ing cards but they con­tain pho­tos or pho­tos with notes writ­ten on them. They come in a sturdy pack and can be taken on loca­tion and used for inspi­ra­tion. The ‘Ordi­nary to Extra­or­di­nary’ series is nice because it shows you the sim­ple back­grounds plus the fairly sim­ple light­ing and Exif data that were used to cre­ate the many strik­ing pho­tographs that make up the set. Each set of cards cur­rently sells for about 80 dol­lars and con­tains about 50 cards. In the inter­est of full dis­clo­sure, Jerry was kind enough to give me sam­ples of his prod­ucts for review.

Ordinary-Extraordinary Vol 2

Ordinary-Extraordinary Vol 2

Ordinary-Extraordinary Vol 2

Ordinary-Extraordinary Vol 2

57 — Interview with photographer Phil Borges — Photography podcast

Pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast #57 fea­tures an Inter­view with pho­tog­ra­pher Phil Borges at the 2008 Pho­to­plus con­fer­ence and expo in New York. (That conference/expo was excel­lent and packed full of cool new prod­ucts and world renowned photographers/instructors includ­ing Phil Borges as guest speakers/lecturers — Very much rec­om­mended and I’m going back in 2009).
In the inter­view Phil very briefly dis­cusses his career and some of his bod­ies of work in pho­tog­ra­phy, talks about his artis­tic style and tech­nique, and shares the way he cur­rently prints his work.

Chema, 77 of Bulava, Siberia from the series Spirit of Place - Siberia

Pho­to­graph by Phil Borges — Chema, 77 of Bulava, Siberia. From the series: Spirit of Place — Siberia

Links men­tioned in this pod­cast:
Cur­rent exhibits by Phil Borges
Phil Borges’s fea­ture on
HP Z3100 printer
Hah­ne­muhle papers

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