Fine Art Photographers

The per­sonal style of dif­fer­ent pho­tog­ra­phers is always intrigu­ing. There are so many facets to pho­tog­ra­phy that you can gen­er­al­ize or spe­cial­ize for years and years with­out ever stag­nat­ing. It is a con­stantly chang­ing art­form (espe­cially with regard to dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phy) that pro­vides its artists with lim­it­less ways in which to express them­selves. The fol­low­ing list rep­re­sents the work of some very tal­ented and cre­ative photographers.

Last Name First Name Coun­try Type of Work
Adams Bryan Canada Made in canada series
Andres Holly USA From the Spar­row Lane series
Babak Canada Per­sonal work
Banka Pavel Czech Repub­lic Black and white photographs
Ben­son Daryl Canada Selected land­scapes
Bon­com­pagni Vero Canada Polaroid emul­sion transfers
Borges Phil USA Peo­ple Of Indige­nous Cultures
Boutil­lier Brown Eric Canada Black and white water portraits
Brooks Andy Canada The Zen Metropolis
Car­rera Saavedra Car­olina Canada Exper­i­men­tal photography
Cliffe Car­ole Canada Fruit for thought
D’alto Vin­cenzo Canada Holga images
Di Frus­cia Patrick Canada Land­scape Imagery
Dodel Jean-Pierre Canada Per­sonal work
Dojc Yuri Canada Per­sonal studies
Ferry Jill New Zealand Flo­ral Art
Fleis­chmann Lisa Canada Under­wa­ter photographs
Fos­chi Domenico USA Per­sonal work
Gold­chain Rafael Canada Colour work & self portraits
Grecco Michael USA Celebrity por­traits
Hag Eng­land Sur­real imagery
Her­nan­dez Esther Canary Islands Abstract pho­tographs
Hosoe Eikoh Japan Luna Rossa series
How­land Royce Canada Flo­ral images
Kawasaki Yoshizo Japan Blue mono­chrome images
Kubin Dita Canada Black & white photographs
Kulik Marko Canada Mixed pho­tographs
Las­zlo Canada Per­sonal images
Lev­erty Heidi Canada Tin­car­na­tion Series
Levin Michael Canada Black and white landscapes
Mac Don­ald Jimmy Canada Black and white landscapes
Mahder Paul USA Mul­ti­ple exposures
Maisel Jay USA Per­sonal work
Manna Diwan India Abstract por­traits
Mar­riott John E. Canada Wildlife and land­scape photography
McLel­lan Leesa Canada Flo­ral photography
Mon­heim Jolene USA Under­wa­ter photos
Morimura Yasumasa Japan Art his­tory series
Orton Michael Canada Paint­ing with the Cam­era — Abstracts
Pad­u­ano Joseph USA Infra red photographs
Pankov Philip Ire­land Black & white land­scape images
Parvi­ainen Janne Fin­land Light paint­ing
Paslawski Gail Canada Durer’s Rhi­noc­eros series
Rata­jczyk Renata Canada SX-70 still lifes & dig­i­tal images
Reed Vicki USA Lith print­ing
Rochon Patrick Canada Light Paint­ing
Ruten­berg Linda Canada Flo­ral night and land­scape photography
Saad Patrick Canada Polaroid manip­u­la­tion
Saudek Jan Czech Repub­lic Hand painted portraits
Schul­man Karen G. USA Hand painted images
Sel­man Sil­vijo Croa­tia Per­sonal work
Sher­man Cindy USA Self por­traits
Simoneau Guil­laume Canada Pin­hole photographs
Smith Michael Paul USA Minia­ture photography
Ten­neson Joyce USA Selected por­traits
Toledano Phillip USA Per­sonal work
Trot­ter Neil Canada Black and white flowers
Uels­mann Jerry USA Mul­ti­ple expo­sure images
Wat­son Geoff U.K. Sil­ver gelatin images
Wexler Jackie Canada Cyan­otypes
Wiggett Dar­win Canada Land­scape photography
Wolfe Art USA The Human Canvas

Fine art pho­tog­ra­phers — The Masters

Last Name First Name Birth Death Coun­try
Adams Ansel 1902 1984 USA
Arbus Diane 1923 1971 USA
Bravo Manuel 1902 2002 Mex­ico
Dois­neau Robert 1912 1994 France
Karsh Yousuf 1908 2002 Canada
Not­man William 1826 1891 Canada
Ray Man 1890 1976 USA