Vicki Reed - Fine Art Photography

Vicki Reed specializes in black and white and hand colored black and white photographs. Subjects are drawn from her Midwest home and communities she has explored throughout the world. Maine, where she was born and raised is a favorite subject. Vicki currently is an art editor and photographer for Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine.

œWe tend to be very busy in our lives today and my intention when creating my images is to transport viewers to a place where they might find a moment of calm. Hopefully they can feel the dampness of the fog or experience the quiet of the moment. I pay careful attention to the quality of light and the feelings that it evokes.

Lith Process Lith printing is a time intensive, sometimes frustrating but potentially addictive alternative printing process. This technique that involves greatly overexposing a photographic print and then only partially developing it in Lith developer is widely known in Europe and is gaining popularity in the US. It results in prints that often have soft warm highlights adjacent to cool, dark, gritty tones. Photographs can range from soft, smooth, warm-toned images to very cool, textured images. The varied results (color and texture) are determined by the initial exposure, the temperature, dilution and maturity of the chemicals, and the characteristics of the paper used. The process is known for creating images that are very difficult to duplicate. However, with practice and meticulous note taking it is possible to produce similar but not identical prints.

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