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The internationally acclaimed photographer, Laszlo, has rightly been called the”court photographer to the Canadian Establishment” by Peter C. Newman. Laszlo (like Cher, Madonna and Napoleon, he gets by Just using his first name) spends most of his professional time photographing corporate titans, wealthy socialites and famous artists. It can now be said of the photographer himself that he has reached an enviable stage of public recognition. He has developed into a major brand himself. Born in Hungary, Laszlo Mezei emigrated to Canada after the 1956 Hungarian uprising. He studied photography and History of Art in both his adopted country and New York City. His recently published large – format book, Laszlo: Portraits ( Les Editions Rogers, Montreal ), features photographs of fifty – five distinguished Canadians— and acts like an anthem of gratitude from Laszlo to Canada. Laszlo is based in Montreal and can be contacted through

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