Patrick Saad - Fine Art Photography

Patrick’s work mainly consists of photo- documentary essays taken during his travels. “The Ninos of Peru “, “Thailand: A Balance of Beliefs “, “Greece: Atlantis is Risen ” and “Egypt the timeless “. His series entitled, “Angels, Spirits and other Entities of Light”, “Human Nature”, “Spirit Speak”, and “Diptych Tales” using Polaroid SX-70 film are best described as photographic paintings. What makes this process, also known as SX-70 manipulation, unique is that the photographer not only captures reality on , but also alters that reality using strokes and etches like a painter’s brush on canvas. The artist performs all alterations directly on the Polaroid SX-70 emulsion moments after the photograph has been taken. The images are then photographed using a 4×5 negative and enlarged on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The result is an original handcrafted photograph and should not be mistaken for a computer-generated image.

Patrick’s work is represented in the Polaroid Canada Collection.

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