Heidi Leverty - Fine Art Photography

Tincarnation Series

Born in Italy and now living in Toronto, Heidi Leverty studied fine art Ontario College of Art where she graduated with honours. Her images are a product of chance, caught in the transient moment in their life, an ephemeral state between original use and new purpose.

In her current body of work, œOutbox, the focus is on one particular moment in the life-cycle of everyday objects ” the passage from refuse or trash to recycled material. What appears to be without value is in fact a source of inspiration, the unique and extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Heidi™s work is featured internationally in galleries, magazines, and through the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs in embassies around the world and private collections. She has been chosen to represent Canada as one of a number of Canadian artists at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

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