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Fruit for thought

Tomato”Fruit for Thought” One of my very early memories is the fascination with food. My mother had so often said to me “Don’t play with your food, eat It”. I first, of all wanted to experience the marvels of nature – the aroma, the tactile qualities, the protective covering for the self contained body, texture and colour. Then slicing into the fruit revealed the architectural ingenuity for future propagation – the seed. The texture and flavour is very individual to that species and sometimes we consume the whole or only part of the fruit discarding the seeds or core and thus possibly participating in the food growth cycle and regeneration. Nurture by nature. The parent plant does not die as a consequence. These images are familiar subject matter provided by nature but captured through a process of ideology from medical laboratory slide preparation combined with photography – without a microscope. Aspects of focus and distortion are part of the process. Carole’s email address is:

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