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Michael Levin™s photographs have gained International attention. American fine art magazine Focus declared œMichael Levin™s captivating images are soulful and evocative; he is truly one of the rising stars in the world of photography. He has won numerous prestigious awards including ˜Photographer of the Year™ award at the 2006/07 International Photography Awards in New York and also ˜Fine Art Photographer of the Year™ award at the 2007 Prix de la Photographie in Paris. Using long exposures, Levin pulls his world taut, so that what remains in the landscape feels essential and revealed. There is a deceiving simplicity in his images as if these places need only to be found to be realized. Places simple and totemic. It is Levin™s own pure sensibility which arranges this view, which finds these small moments and gives them weight and value and timelessness. Levin is particularly smart at capturing the smooth skin of light, the way it rolls over a place in the course of minutes rendering his subjects their own private beauty. He illuminates these common places with new intent which makes his images both transfixing and transformative.

Presently living in Vancouver, Canada, Levin travels extensively to capture his sharply-observed black and white photographs.
More of Michael Levin’s work can be seen here.

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