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how to set up a dark room

This is a discussion on how to set up a dark room within the General photography forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; this is something I have always wanted to do I have a room I can use but what do I ...

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    Default how to set up a dark room

    this is something I have always wanted to do I have a room I can use but what do I need,tubs,chemicals,special lights??

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    i'm pleased somebody wants to set up a darkroom in this age of digital!

    before you start your darkroom make a floor plan of the room so you can more or less know how to layout the wet side and the dry side. are you planning on enlarging your prints? will you be processing b&w and color?
    with this info you can allocate the equipment that you will put in.
    must is a good exhaust system and plumbing and electricals.

    if it's in the budget, construct a long sink made of 3/4" marine plywood and coated with epoxy that can fit at least four trays. over it, you can put a hood also made of 1/4" plywood where you can install the exhaust fan and the safe light for processing the prints (B&W).

    i hope this will give you an idea to start your darkroom.

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    You can get equipment for so cheap now (ebay), look for sodium vapor safelights. They are so bright you'll be amazed that they don't expose your paper. Drawing up your space before you build is a great idea. Get the largest enlarger you can get so you can play in the future, they are also usually more rigid. If you work for a living put in an alarm clock to remind you it's 2:00am and you need to get some sleep. Have fun :-)
    --Greg Nuspel

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    Yep, eBay - I've seen lots of complete kits for a few hundred dollars. A good Durst or Omega enlarger with a colour head (even if you don't want to print colour you can use the magenta for polycontrast paper). Two timers, at least one which has to have a timed outlet for the enlarger, four trays (11x17 if you can), print washer, grain magnifier, safelights, and don't forget the film side of it; a changing bag, couple of 2-3 roll patterson tanks, thermometers and LOTS of good-quality chemical containers.

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    I had one set up in a spare bathroom for a while. The layout was not the best for comfort but it had running water and an air vent. You don't really need running water because you can float prints in a bucket and rinse them when you get out but I would make sure you have good ventilation.


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