Camera and grey card exposure example

This is a good exam­ple of the expo­sure we talked about in pod­cast #6. In the first image, I took a shot of the scene using only the camera’s meter and no adjust­ments. As we dis­cussed in the pod­cast the job of all cam­era meters is to aver­age out the scene. Since so much light was com­ing in via the win­dow, the cam­era ‘said’ hey I need to reduce expo­sure. There­fore the cat has almost no detail, but the cur­tains look great.

In shot two I based my expo­sure on the grey card by approach­ing it, fill­ing the cam­era frame with it, plug­ging the read­ing into the cam­era and tak­ing the shot with that read­ing. Notice how the cur­tains have almost no detail now. This is a much bet­ter expo­sure if the goal of the shot‚in to show a cat in the light by the win­dow. The expo­sure should have also been very sim­i­lar had we used an inci­dent meter read­ing based on the cat.

As a final note both these shots illus­trate another point from the pod­cast which is that if the con­trast (the dif­fer­ence between the bright­est and dark­est ele­ments) of the scene is too great, the cam­era will NOT be able to record both ends properly.

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