Painting with light — blog post teaser

Paint­ing with light is a really cool tech­nique for pro­duc­ing fine art pho­tographs. I am work­ing on a few right now and will post my results as a blog post or a pod­cast and posts some­time this week. For those that don’t know‚ — In order to expose a pho­to­graph you need light. Usu­ally that light comes from the sun, flash etc. When you paint with light you pho­to­graph in TOTAL or almost total dark­ness, then with a flash­light (torch) flash, or other light source you light the object while your cam­era sits on a tri­pod and the shut­ter stays open (on bulb) for the whole exposure.

This was just the teaser. So far the results are super cool — and I will post them with a fuller expla­na­tion this week (hope­fully). Hang tight. 2007 will be a year of experimentation.


  1. Scorpio_e says:

    Absolutely fas­ci­nat­ing and inspir­ing. This makes me want to try some­thing com­pletely new and exciting !!!

  2. Hi, I would like to thank you for the valu­able tips I‚´ve found in your blog.

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