Photographing patterns — Photography podcast #21

This pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast focuses on find­ing and pho­tograph­ing sym­met­ri­cal or asym­met­ri­cal pat­terns to make your pho­tog­ra­phy more creative.

You can download‚this pho­tog­ra­phy podcast‚directly‚by click­ing the pre­ced­ing link‚or lis­ten to it almost imme­di­ately with the embed­ded player.


  1. […] your sub­ject — inten­tional blur — polar­iz­ing and neu­tral grad fil­ters — dig­i­tal in cam­era fil­ters — pat­terns — lead­ing lines — the rule of thirds in pho­tog­ra­phy — delib­er­ate under­ex­po­sure — shutter-speeds — […]

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