Wide angle lenses in photography — Photography podcast #27

This pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast‚focuses on wide angle lenses in pho­tog­ra­phy. We talk about the aspects of wide angle lenses includ­ing when to use them and how to use them cre­atively. The pho­tographs below are all taken using a wide angle lens. Note the obvi­ous dis­tor­tion in pho­to­graph #3. Note the rel­a­tive sharp­ness from fore­ground to back­ground of the roses shot even though I used F-11 as my aper­ture. This sharp­ness would never hap­pen using a Tele­photo lens. These are all facets of using wide angle lenses and‚we talk about them in the podcast.

Thanks so much to Kevin, ‚Saf­fron and‚daronj for their‚comments and sug­ges­tions that I am tak­ing to heart. We LOVE com­ments and sug­ges­tions so please send more.

You can down­load this pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast directly by click­ing the pre­ced­ing link or lis­ten to it almost imme­di­ately with the embed­ded player below this set of images.

Love In the Mud‚- Marko Kulik

In the Ice­fields‚- Marko Kulik

My Friend Dave


  1. Gideon J says:

    I enjoyed that pod­cast and I intend to by a lens based on your pod­cast, and other cool shots that I’ve seen. I really like the rose pho­tos so nice job.


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  2. […] Thanks so much to‚Gideon‚for his com­ment on our last pod­cast wide angle photography.‚We LOVE com­ments and sug­ges­tions so please send more. […]

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