Party at the Old Port

Here’s a shot of a huge ship at the old port in old Mon­treal at night. It was of course the lights and their reflec­tions on the water that made this shot inter­est­ing for me. I nor­mally don’t shoot hand­held at slower than 1/30th of a sec­ond and this shot was taken at 1/15.‚ Exif data F2.8, ‚1/15 at ISO 1600. You can click the image to make it tastier on the eyes.

photograph of the old port - Montreal


  1. Cybasumo says:

    Nice view! i love the way the lights hit the water… it’s so nos­tal­gic for me…

  2. Elio says:

    I agree with the pre­vi­ous com­ment the water looks amaz­ing. You’ve inspired me to head to old Mon­treal this week­end, weather permitting.

  3. Andre says:

    Exce­lent tex­ture on the water, beautiful!

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