Podcast # 50 to be released on Monday

Wow — hard to believe it but we are com­ing up on episode #50!!!! This makes me so happy and we plan to release our 50th episode on Mon­day. This episode will be full of pho­tog­ra­phy tips so please stay tuned!!!

I’d like to thank all of the lis­ten­ers and con­trib­u­tors and inter­vie­wees, and the many many peo­ple that have sent in thank­ful, encour­ag­ing and con­struc­tive com­ments via the blog — forum and through email. I do this pod­cast for the love of pho­tog­ra­phy and for the of love of teach­ing but it really helps when there is a fan­tas­tic com­mu­nity behind you!
I hope to record the next 50 shows with your help­ful com­ments and suggestions.

Many thanks in advance!

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