Portrait from the Plateau — Best Friends in Lafontaine Park

I shot this just yes­ter­day in Parc Lafontaine in Mon­treal. It was about 1 hour before sun­down and these boys were on a rock feed­ing, play­ing with the ducks and just chat­ting. I LOVE time­less feel­ing shots and I was cap­ti­vated by the scene, their pose and the fad­ing light.

Most times these types of sil­hou­ette shots are a result of error because the pho­tog­ra­pher wanted the main sub­ject to be well lit and the result is the under­ex­po­sure of the main sub­ject due to back light­ing. Not here.
For me the whole scene was the main sub­ject and so I delib­er­ately kept my flash off even though it was already mounted to my cam­era and ready to add as much light as I wanted to the boys. I did add a hint of extra light in the post-processing by dodg­ing the boys’ faces.

Exif data -‚ F4‚ — 1/500‚ — ISO 200 — 50mm focal length

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