Abstract images in photography

I’m quite a big fan of abstract pho­tographs. I love the way these pho­tos engage the viewer in a game of “What is this? What is going on here? I’d be curi­ous to know if any­one can fig­ure out what’s going on in this image? and…do you like it?

Can you guess what this a photograph of?

Can you guess what this a pho­to­graph of?


  1. Byron LaFong says:

    Don’t let Reaume’s com­ment get to you. He’s a well known nut-case who has been the laugh­ing­stock of the gallery and museum world for 20 years. His early self-written pro­mo­tional mail­ings declar­ing him­self the only true abstrac­tion­ist and the great­est blah blah blah were passed from around from one end of N. Amer­i­can to another and are in more art museum files than his work every will be. I still have a cou­ple in my file that I pull out from time to time to illus­trate how and unbri­dled ego matched with an absolute lack of tal­ent is a sad and pathetic com­bi­na­tion. He’d crow about his great accom­plish­ments, but when you’d check out his sup­posed resume you’d find a few lit­tle exhibits in cafes or a library if I recall. The guy is delu­sional. Ignore him.

  2. Tom Reaume says:

    An over­done image of reflec­tions on water. Who has not taken a photo like this. So uncre­ative, so unab­stract. Push your­self well beyond this bor­ing, ordi­nary still pho­tog­ra­phy. Open a new door; close this door behind you. I have some abstract images on flickr. Find them using my name. Read my pro­file. Tom Reaume

    • admin says:

      Only because this is the My photo did I approve this com­ment, which was rude.
      I took a look at your abstract shots on flickr…honestly, given the arro­gance of your com­ment I was expect­ing much more inter­est­ing work.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks alex and Susan — yeah i guess this one was too easy. It’s water on the beach under­ex­posed by 1 stop. next one will be harder! :)

  4. Susan says:

    shim­mer­ing water?

  5. Alex Wilson says:

    Sparkly water?

    I love abstract stuff as well — actu­ally near-abstracts are my favourites: Images that (most) view­ers can fig­ure out what it is, but only after look­ing at it for a bit. I find those images make the view­ing an inter­ac­tive and reward­ing expe­ri­ence. But, there’s also the risk of mak­ing it bor­ing or frus­trat­ing if the viewer can’t fig­ure it out.


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