Polarizing filters reduce reflections

Most peo­ple use polar­iz­ing fil­ters to reduce the bright­ness of the sky so that it does not get blown out. How­ever another very use­ful thing that polar­iz­ing fil­ters do is that polar­iz­ers reduce unwanted reflections.

This shot below by forum mem­ber Travis is an AMAZING exam­ple of the same shot with and with­out a polar­iz­ing fil­ter. The top image is shot with­out the polar­izer and the bot­tom image uses the polar­iz­ing fil­ter and gets rid of all the reflec­tions. Thanks so much for let­ting me use these images Travis!

polarizing filters reduce reflections

polar­iz­ing fil­ters reduce reflections

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  1. admin says:

    I do NOT think the photo was pho­to­shopped. It really is just the per­fect exam­ple on using a polar­izer to reduce glare. The angle (of the polar­izer to the light and sub­ject) is per­fect and that’s why the dif­fer­ence is so dramatic.

  2. Susan you are right CP can be used to add color pop too, but I have to say the photo above looks like it’s pho­to­shoped? Love the show!

  3. Susan says:

    yikes! I had it back­wards! I thought the polar­izer was on the top photo — used to make the wind­shield clearer and make the color pop. So, it is the bot­tom image that makes the reflec­tions dis­ap­pear, but muddy up the wind­shield and tone down the color a bit?

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