My new logos — Thanks a ton Sylvain Grand’Maison

I’ve been want­ing a new logo for my own per­sonal pho­tog­ra­phy for quite some time now. There’s just some­thing about ‘sign­ing your work’ that I feel is impor­tant. For me, a sig­na­ture pro­vides a sense of clo­sure. There are so many ways to tweak/modify/enhance a pho­to­graph that some­times you’re not sure if your ver­sion is the fin­ished ver­sion. A sig­na­ture allows you to say, OK enough now, I’m done with this image, let’s move on.

I’d like to thank Syl­vain Grand’Maison BIG TIME for the great work that he did for me. For those of you that don’t know Syl­vain, he has one of the most pop­u­lar French Pod­casts (even though he’s per­fectly bilin­gual) in Que­bec called le Que­bec en Bal­adod­if­fu­sion. He also helps busi­nesses and indi­vid­u­als get started in the social media space and works as a con­sul­tant in this regard. So why did I ask him to cre­ate my logos?‚ That’s because his back­ground is in graphic design and he still takes on the occa­sional graphic design gig.

So now I need YOUR help. I really dig both of these logos and I think I know which one I like best but I’d like some opin­ions. Which one of these above logos do you like bet­ter, the left one or the right one?

In choos­ing these logos Syl­vain pre­sented me with a bunch of dif­fer­ent choices on totally dif­fer­ent themes. Here is another design Syl­vain cre­ated. I love this one as well — it has a seri­ous Russ­ian feel. I’m not sure what I’ll use this red design for, but I do know what my next Face­book avatar will look like.


  1. I pre­fer the image on the right. It just seems more pow­er­ful and the let­ter “K” stands out more while still allow­ing the effect of the iris to be eas­ily identifiable.

    The “red” poster is quite inter­est­ing. Your image reminds me of “Che”.

  2. Celui de droite. Plus fort, plus sim­ple, plus efficace.

  3. admin says:

    Merci bien Louis!

  4. Louis_Dea says:

    Per­son­nelle­ment je prÆ’‚©fÆ’‚¨re celui de droite(noir).
    Je trouve que Æ’‚§a fait plus chique, plus classe.

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