Adding the copyright ‚© symbol to photos

Do you ever search for some­thing repeadly, for­get­ting the “trick” to the answer you’ve already searched. This has hap­pened to me a few times to me already when I want to add the copy­right sym­bol ‚© to an image.

© ‚© ‚© ‚© ‚©

Search­ing on Google says just press ALT while press­ing the num­bers 0169, so you try it and it doesn’t work. WHY?

HERE’S THE TRICK — On my Win­dows machine run­ning Vista at least, the 0169 MUST BE PRESSED FROM THE NUMBER PAD NOT the line of num­bers above the letters.

Just as an FYI this ‚© sym­bol by press­ing ALT while press­ing 0169 works in Pho­to­shop, Word, Notepad and likely many other programs.



  1. Option+G on my Mac.
    I some­how seem to be able to remem­ber that!

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