Photo of the day — Dec. 13, 2010 — I said, MUSH!

So I’m dogsit­ting a teeny 7 pound mini-poodle named Zeus for the next 2 weeks and we go out for a quick walk so lit­tle Zeusy can do his busi­ness. It’s snow­ing pretty hard but lit­tle Zeusy keeps trudg­ing for­ward look­ing for inter­est­ing scents to track when all of a sud­den I notice a path made by huge trac­tor tires. The lines go from fore­ground to midground and Zeus is pulling me in them. Imme­di­ately I think of the Grinch’s dog Max and I start laugh­ing. I pull out the Canon G11 and call Zeus’s name and he looks back at me. I take a few shots and then I tell him to ‘Mush!’ as I con­tinue laugh­ing to myself.

What drew me to this image was the humourous aspect and the lines. I noticed the leash’s line enter­ing the frame while I com­posed the image and that made the ‘scene’ even fun­nier sug­gest­ing that I was on a sled being pulled by this lit­tle dog. I guess my point on this one is be on the look­out for lines, they really help tell visual sto­ries!‚ I cropped this image squar­ish because it suited the scene bet­ter and I likely would have taken more time with the scene if L’il Zeusy and I were warmer.

I Said "MUSH!"

I Said “MUSH!” — Taken with the Canon G11


  1. Jackie Sheen says:

    Lol! And he is look­ing at you say­ing, “As if. Where are my boots and jacket? It’s snow­ing for heaven’s sake!”

    Very cute Marko! love it!

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