Vintage photo of the day — Dec. 14, 2010

Today’s image of the day is called Mondrian’s Glasses and Pipe by the late mas­ter Hun­gar­ian pho­tog­ra­pher Andre Kertesz, and it was shot 84 years ago. If you can find this one at a garage sale, keep it, it’s worth a few bucks.

This pho­to­graph is bril­liantly com­posed and that’s why it stands the test of time. Kertesz plays with shapes in a mas­ter­ful way here and uses lead­ing lines to get to those shapes. Tri­an­gles occupy not only the pos­i­tive space, but the neg­a­tive space as well. This cre­ates an incred­i­bly dynamic com­po­si­tion. The cir­cles in the spec­ta­cles as well as the pipe and bowl fur­ther engage us visually.

Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe by Andre Kertesz - 1926

Mondrian’s Glasses and Pipe by Andre Kertesz — 1926

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