Vintage photo of the day Jan. 25, 2011

The Vin­tage photo of the day is Rayo­g­ra­phy [Kiss] and was taken by Man Ray in 1922. Man Ray is well known for his pho­to­graphic exper­i­men­ta­tion and for being an “avant-garde” pho­tog­ra­pher in Paris in the Twen­ties and Thir­ties. He also exper­i­mented in sev­eral other dis­ci­plines includ­ing paint­ing an sculpture.

Rayography [Kiss] - Man Ray 1922

Rayo­g­ra­phy — [Kiss] by Man Ray 1922

The image above is a pho­togram which means it was taken with­out a cam­era. Faces and hands were placed over pho­to­graphic paper and exposed to light. Man Ray pre­ferred to call the pho­tograms he cre­ated Rayo­graphs (after himself).

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